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@meganroessler Thank you for this newsfeed post. I have always found music to be something that speaks to my soul in times of need. From a very young age I have been a singer, either in groups or solo. I lose myself in the feelings the notes evoke in me. Listening to music, there is not a single song that brings me peace at this time of year, but I do recall a childhood friend singing Ave Maria for my mother's funeral in 1996, acapella. It was breathtaking. She and I used to sing duets as youngsters.

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I, too, have been often and deeply affected by certain pieces of music. One such favorite that always brings me to tears is Handel's "Worthy Is the Lamb," the ending chorale of his "Messiah." There are many others such as "Goin' Home." Sometimes, upon awakening, a particular hymn will be "playing" in my mind.

Music has been called "the language of the soul."

There were many times, after a chemo session, that I could only curl up in my chair and silently cry, and in my mind, I laid my head against His breast begging, "Please hold me." I imagined I was the lost sheep He was carrying back to His fold. Sometimes I was too weak to even cry, and all I could do was whisper His Name. (I have a wall hanging of the Good Shepherd carrying his newly found lamb. It hangs close to my favorite chair.)

Each of us can hear and speak the language of our souls, I believe. It is a gift from our Maker.

Yes, sometimes I raged at Him in my sickness and pain. But He understood and didn't rage back at me. He just held me. He was my "good Shepherd."

Still is, eight years later post stage 3C cancer.


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