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Thanks much for your comments. When was it that you were checking out MCI programs? Looks like the closest to me in NYC. would be the place you went – Jacksonville. The irony is that it looks like the Habit people are not interested in working with widows or widowers who don't have a partner! 🙁 But I may follow up with your suggestion of talking with them on the phone anyway. If I weren't so busy already (partly thanks to the MCI) I would consider seeing about advocating for something like that here in the Big City! 🙂

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I am/was interested in this habit program and I am from Illinois and currently seeing doctors at Rochester MN . Today I asked about this after seeing information here and remembered when I saw flyer in dept of Psychiatry and psychology which I thought would of been more in the neurology dept. They have canceled it here but still have in Florida. They said other clinic are using similar techniques or there ideas so you may want to check out different depts and places. I currently use a calendar in kitchen for when take med; one in bathroom for showers, my colon issues, and note some cleaning chores on it; and carry one with me for work hours, doctors, and events. Mayo said that is almost but with only one calendar don't miss or overlap things. The person I talked to didn't know why it was canceled program. Good luck.

Hi @barbb – We were checking out MCI programs in 2015/2016. I don't think its that the HABIT people don't want to work with widows or widowers. We have had a number of widows/widowers in our program and in our alumni group. The issue is that the HABIT program is structured so that each person with MCI needs to attend with a training partner. We had several ladies in our class who came with their daughters and in our alumni group I've met a guy who attended with his brother, a man who attended with his son, and a lady who came with a neighbor who lived near in her retirement community. There are lots of options! I hope you can find a way to work it out. It's an impressive program.

Hi @barbb – We definitely love to work with widows and widowers! The rehab approach we use in HABIT needs the support of a partner after HABIT is done to really stick. @debbraw is right, we encourage folks to think of other family and friends who may be (or share the job) of being the partner. We've even had paid caregivers attend with patients. We do wish we had something to offer those who truly have no one to ask.