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Hi John,
Not sure if you thought up the title or not but I like it. That’s my purpose, to help rid the world of stigmas. I hope I can get a few people to be a little kinder and a bit more strict understanding. No medical condition should have a stigma but sadly many still do. I dream of the day when they will be a thing of the past. My first and most hurtful stigma experience happened 48 years ago and unfortunately it’s as clear today as it was then. I have forgotten so much, why must I remember that?
I’ve already checked out Prudy’s and will be ordering some, our little secret.
My username, I use to mow a friends lawn and every week there would be a duck beanie baby on the patio. The ducks name is Jake. I was going for
Jaketheduck but that wasn’t available so jakedduck. Yes I love 🦆 duckies, to watch and feed. My brother said we each had a duck but I don’t remember those days. I love dogs and cats but would love to have a duck.
Thanks for your kind words.
So, what’s on the New Year’s Day menu Linda, besides sauerkraut and sausage(?) I forgot what kind of meat.
Be sure to check your candy. Almond moth larvae is awful.

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Hi @jakedduck1 I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion on Purdy's chocolate. I'm sure @colleenyoung will agree that the Canadians do chocolate better than we do!

Hi Jake! @jakedduck1 — I think the credit for the title goes to @colleenyoung and @lisalucier. I like it much better than the one I had thought might be good.

Never had candy with almond moth larvae but my wife did buy a Snickers in a small country tavern we visited. I was playing pool with my step father and I saw that my wife had purchased my favorite candy and I gently took the candy bar from her hand and took a big bite and gave it back to her. She was so mad that she wrapped it up and put it back in her purse. I told her it tasted really bad like the peanuts were rotten and went ahead and swallowed it anyway. When we got home she took the candy out of her purse and started laughing. Then she showed me and said look what you ate…it was wiggling! I made myself a promise to never buy candy in a tavern/bar again.

@jakedduck1 No sausage but pork butt.sauerkraut and mashed potatoes with Peach Pie

@jakedduck1– Loved your honesty & transparency in the Spotlight! I have always felt that really comes through in your posts and these questions really brought that home to me even more. You are a really fine man Leonard. I'm glad we got the "jakedduck figured out"! My youngest daughter has a beanie baby collection here at the house so I will have to check and see if that is part of hers.
I love Mt. Shasta as well and the reservoir being full again makes it look even better especially with Shasta's reflection!
Thank you for sharing with all of us! We are better and stronger because you are part of our group! Jim@thankful.

@jakedduck1 Hi Leonard, I’ve never told you the number of times you’ve made me smile with your posts; especially the ones about……wait…..here it comes…… cooking!!!! You were clearly put here to make others happy. Thanks!!!………Karen