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@jakedduck1 — Thank you for sharing and letting us get to know you a little better!! You are not alone when it comes to eating candy without checking it ☺
Hope you have a great Friday!

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Hi John,
Not sure if you thought up the title or not but I like it. That’s my purpose, to help rid the world of stigmas. I hope I can get a few people to be a little kinder and a bit more strict understanding. No medical condition should have a stigma but sadly many still do. I dream of the day when they will be a thing of the past. My first and most hurtful stigma experience happened 48 years ago and unfortunately it’s as clear today as it was then. I have forgotten so much, why must I remember that?
I’ve already checked out Prudy’s and will be ordering some, our little secret.
My username, I use to mow a friends lawn and every week there would be a duck beanie baby on the patio. The ducks name is Jake. I was going for
Jaketheduck but that wasn’t available so jakedduck. Yes I love 🦆 duckies, to watch and feed. My brother said we each had a duck but I don’t remember those days. I love dogs and cats but would love to have a duck.
Thanks for your kind words.
So, what’s on the New Year’s Day menu Linda, besides sauerkraut and sausage(?) I forgot what kind of meat.
Be sure to check your candy. Almond moth larvae is awful.


I echo everyone’s sentiments when I say how much I enjoyed reading about you and how open and honest you were. Several things jumped out at me. Despite not being in the best of health you went out of your way to participate in the community…well ..actually to participate in life; your obvious sense of humor and desire to explore new places but most of all you love and compassion for your parents. I am at the receiving end of that love and compassion from my children and their families and, even though I don’t personally need any assistance, I know how much your mom appreciates your care. You said your parents were awesome growing up..well it sounds like you’re pretty awesome too.

I would love to be your neighbor so I could visit and bust your chops while occasionally bringing over a home cooked meal. Note the word “occasionally “ Jake. You make me laugh virtually and I bet you are a hoot in person.

So now I have to check my one piece of chocolate every night for bug larvae? For that piece of yucky information you are banished to the kitchen for an hour.

Regards from FL Mary