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Hello, @ozarkian - I appreciate your kind words for @dorisena. Wanted to find out if you or someone you care about may have been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment?

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I get upset when people talk about a family member being diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. How on earth do you get a loved to a doctor to be diagnosed? It is the family that lives with the problem and it is the family best able to diagnose the problem. We are dealing with family members who pass a neurological test who should not be living alone and driving because of their impairment, leaving the family stuck with worry and non-cooperative relatives. The doctors do not live with them and are not the best analysts. Of course, the doctors may be the ones who see more of the problem people, and should be more proactive about taking driving privileges away In our family we refused to ride in vehicles with the impaired drivers and prayed daily for no auto crashes. Dorisena