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@contentandwell such a small world! Bostonians and Denver-ites! We lived in Arlington, MA. twice for 2 years each time. Arlington is on the same subway line as Cambridge. And now we’re in Boulder. Is your son being married in Denver? One of my sons lives in Denver and the other in Crested Butte. I think you’ll have a wonderful time visiting!

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Yes, @becsbuddy and @contentandwell – small world! We lived in Boston (in the Devonshire at the corner of State St. & Devonshire) for about 10 years before we retired. Now my son too is in Denver and my cousin lives in Boulder!

@becsbuddy I grew up West Medford, close to the Arlington and Winchester borders. Arlington is a nice town, that and West Medford have become very desirable(and $$$) now because they are easy commutes to Boston on public transportation.

Our son will be getting married at a sort of rustic venue outside of Denver, in Pine. CO. It's in the mountains and I think it will be beautiful. He brought us up there when we visited in February. It only has functions in the better months, but we were able to be shown around and see it. At this point we have been around a lot considering we have only visited two times. I love Red Rocks, I would love to go to a concert there.

He lives in the Lowry area of Denver. We always do enjoy visiting him, and now that he has a big house we can stay with him. When he was in southern CA he had a one bedroom apartment so we stayed at a hotel. I think we may have been up around Crested Butte when we were driving around the countryside. We definitely went to Copper. He is an avid skier and his fiancee is a snowboarder so they had a great winter there. Of course now that summer is here they will be missing being two blocks from the beach.

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