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Interesting this post is here when I finally get to check email. Denny just asked a few days ago if there is a class or something to help improve his memory.
Since technology is an issue "brain games" do not work for us. Have thought that maybe a part of the participants support group could be structured Brain exercises? But, since that is only once a month it may not be often enough.
While visiting the AZ Science Center today I picked up a book by Nancy Linde titled: 399 games, puzzles & trivia challenges specially designed to keep your brain young. "Organized on an increasing scale of difficulty…..all it takes is ten to fifteen minutes a day of playing the right games. (It's fun.)"
We are going to have a special "game" time every day together and check it out. So far I was impressed by the introduction from Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Division of Psychology, U of Miami Miller School of Medicine which I read on the trip home via light rail.

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Love this idea!

Hi @bonniep! I like your alternative plan. Sounds like you've found something that will give Denny a challenge that will adjust over time. And I like that you guys are planning to do this together. We've started playing around with some board games like Boggle, Scattegories, and Telestrastions in our HABIT class. I'm not convinced that these have the same brain exercise impact as the processing speed based adaptive computer games, but these games do have some time pressure involved and can be a challenge. So, if brain games just aren't feasible these may also be some other options, but I don't have official data on that. But something is likely better than nothing!