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I was Diagnosed with MCI a year ago. Tests have shown no digression in the past year, even some improvement. I was Only told I had It. Nothing else. Not anything about progression, what to look for in myself as far as changes to be aware of. My research says some people stay the same for a long time. I do Have memory issues, but I am Fully functioning on my own. Where can I get More specific information about MCI and where can I get Answers to my questions? I fired My neurologist since he has been no help at all. I really Need some real answers.

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Hi @lbrockmeier – Welcome to Connect! Glad you are here to learn more about MCI. I know that diagnosis must be terribly scary, but it sounds as if you are doing great – and even having some improvement. My husband was diagnosed with MCI a few years ago and he hasn't been as fortunate as you in maintaining his memory and functioning. When he was diagnosed, we attended a 2-week Mayo Clinic program called Healthy Action to Benefit Independence and Thinking (HABIT). It was a lifesaver for us. Here are a couple of links you might want to check out:
You'll see that the 2nd link – the flyer – has phone numbers if you want to contact any of the Mayo locations.

And here is a video about the HABIT program that might be helpful:

Do you have a new neurologist after firing the first one? If so, I would expect that you would have been asked to do a followup exam this year or next. Initially, with my husband, they did a complete neuro-psychological exam that took around 5 hours to make the diagnosis. They asked him to come back for a similar followup exam the next year. If you haven't got a new neurologist, I would suggest finding one you like and then asking the questions that are concerning you – including what kind of followup evaluations they want to do to monitor progression. I also had good luck with getting lots of helpful information from our local Council on Aging (COA). Could you make an appointment at your local COA?

Please contact the H.A.B.I.T. program at Mayo. It will be a life saver for you and a partner.
We now have active follow-up support group meeting that are so valuable.