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Yes, I am willing to share my experiences and how I managed to live through the problem. I wrote a reply but it was too long for the space so I lost it. The HIPPA law allows a patient to refuse treatment and drive his family nuts if he chooses. A compulsive spouse will come after you even if you try to use the court, and most judges are not qualified to make a judgment about mental disease. Feel free to private message me. I can be supportive, at least. My husband wanted to take me to the Grand Canyon to see the beautiful view, and I had already been there and knew I would never come back except perhaps in a box so I used my bad back as an excuse not to accept his generous offer. He died of a tumor on the spine 12 years ago. He had diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction due to pain, and was abusive, selfish and did not provide financially well enough for me to make ends meet. He was a con artist businessman and the church was full at the funeral. Dorisena

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I would speak up and do anything to convince the medical community that many are living in dangerous marriages and will not leave because of their moral desire to fulfill their marriage vows to God and because the courts are not equipped to provide the protection needed to keep them safe. It is more than domestic violence. It is mental illness combined with a controlling attitude given mostly to men who were taught they are to be in charge of everything and they have the right to rule over others. When their mind declines for whatever reason, alcoholism, brain damage from diabetes, traumatic childhood, financial ruin, you name it, or even a lack of ability to love, divorce won't solve the problem. We need to fight back with everything at our disposal, and we need the medical profession to help us.

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