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@contentandwell Have you thought about the Petrified forest ? It is in Az . not sure if its Flaggstaff or more in southern Az just a thought . Ive been to the Grand Canyon and it is spectacular We stayed in Williams Az lots of Elvis memorabilia there , then went on to Grand Canyon

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@lioness At that time of the year going even further south sounds HOT. Even if we do go to Grand Canyon I think we may choose to do the north rim. I would really like to do that glass walkway but I am not sure which rim that's on.

@lioness i live in Arizona and the petrified forest which is also located with the painted desert is a few hour drive east on I40 straight shot from Williams az where the train to the grand canyon starts. You have to go to williams to get to the west side of the canyon. I enjoyed doing the train ride and mock train robbery one of the times i went to the canyon. Very nice ride that takes you right into Grande Canyon Village. Painted desert/petrified forest was intesting also but there you will want to drive. Its a large park and lots to see. Its basically almost on the eastern boarder of az new mexico. Also there are sites to see along the way. Flagstaff for sure but if your a rt 66 fan Seligman is a nice stop plus Winslow and the famous corner.