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@contentandwell Hi JK. Colorado is a pretty big place and it will take some time to drive to places. PIne is southwest of Denver, and Estes Park (Rocky Mountain National Park) is northwest of Denver, and that might be 3 hours to travel between them. The Grand Canyon is far away. You probably need to plan extra days to go there and to make sure you have enough time to enjoy it when you get there. You can't really imagine how big the Grand Canyon is until you see it, and the colors change with the time of day. I took the mule trip to the bottom from the South Rim some years ago and stayed at Phantom Ranch. It's a 5 hour ride down, and the mules cross a bridge over the river at the bottom. Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. If you have trouble with the altitude, make sure to take it easy and drink lots of water.

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Thanks, Jennifer @jenniferhunter We did so local traveling outside of Denver when we were there in October and February. We went up to Copper Mountain, and another area, I forget where, and in February we drove to the wedding venue in Pine. We will be staying in Denver though, I have reserved a VRBO there for us, our daughter and husband, and my sister and husband.

The distance to Grand Canyon is pretty much why we may have abandoned that idea. My husband has ALWAYS wanted to go there but from what I hear it will be quite hot there then, plus could still have large crowds of vacationers. I think we would fly from Denver to one of the airports in AZ or to Las Vegas and drive the four hours from whichever. Plans are still being made though.

I have not had trouble with the altitude before. The wedding venue is at about 8500', so hopefully, no one will have a problem with that altitude.