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@contentandwell Thanks, JK. I am very proud of the painting of Dr. Fogelson. It says a lot about my experience as a patient and what I learned about myself, and my impression of him. He was excited to receive it, and to me it felt wonderful for my work to be so appreciated. He loved it. I knew before I began that this painting would be special and would sing a little louder because of what it meant to me to express my gratitude to him for saving my talent. It gave me a goal in my recovery. I remember him telling me that if it was too difficult to do the paintning, that I didn't have to do it. I knew in my heart, that I had to do this. I needed to know that I could paint again after a few years of not being able to meet my expectations.

I think everyone has some creativity inside. It might not be painting, but it could be another project or photography or writing interesting stories. Those are things that give meaning to our lives. When I watch ballet dancers, I wish I could do the things they do and in my imagination, I can soar with them into the air.

You can call headquarters at Rocky Mountain National Park and ask them about my painting of the Park dedication. I was an artist in residence there in 1996. It has been on public display in the main visitor center, but they also rotate their collections and it could be in storage in the collections building or on loan in an exhibit at another museum. You can ask to see it if it is not on display. It is based on historic photos from the 1915 dedication, and shows a photographer taking one of the actual photos from that day. i and my husband are people in the painting and he also posed as the photographer. Thanks again for your wonderful compliments. I appreciate them very much!

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@jenniferhunter We haven't decided yet what we will do after our long weekend in Denver — Thursday through Monday — but since we will be going all that way (we live in NH) I would like to do something else too. I had originally thought the Grand Canyon but that may not be possible. His wedding is in Pine, Colorado, about 45 minutes outside of Denver.

@jenniferhunter Hi Jennifer! Not only are you an awesome artist, but also an awesome human being! I enjoyed reading about you and learning more about you. I can tell, if you were my neighbor, we'd be best buddies. Thank you for sharing.