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Carol, it is a big change, isn't it, to be left all alone with a laptop? When I was teaching, there was always a tech person on hand to bail me out. But that was when computers in schools was being introduced. I don't know if that is still the case or not. I do know that the students know w-a-y more than I can even imagine.

My local library has a hired staff position for technology help for the community. Thety used to have scheduled classes,but that is now changed to individual 'tutoring' by appointment. I am going to meet with a young man on Tuesday for my next help session. (already had one lesson last fall). I have a new list of questins for him, and I will take my laptop with me.
Does your library have such a program available?

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No, there are no lessons anywhere, not even at the small college here. I had hoped that they would offer technology in Continuing Ed classes, but I checked and they don't. The more time goes on, the farther behind I get. I bought one of the Dummies books, but I couldn't even follow it—too many terms and abbreviations I didn't know. I knew all this when I was teaching, but that's been almost five years ago, and technology changes daily. In school we had meetings for technology updates regularly, so I knew things then. In the summer we were required to take a course to prove computer competence, and I could do what I had to and had no problem. But, because I no longer teach, I don't have the advantage of getting the classes to stay abreast of all the new. I think there is a need as all the doctors use Portals to post their findings and appointments. I can communicate with my doctors that way and get an email answer for appointments, prescriptions, concerns, but they don't talk on the phone. I know there are older people who are lost in that area and maybe don't even have a computer. I don't know what they do. It's not easy to not know and be able to keep up.
I'd love to live some place that helps older citizens instead of ignoring them. But here, seniors are left to their own devices.

Library techs are just great to help you with purely technical problems. I went to one when I first got a Kindle, I was pretty intimidated by it but he helped a lot to get me comfortable with it. If you are not near a library then the next thing would be a 10 year old. They are as good at computer issues as anyone😊

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