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@rosemarya That is interesting. I guess mine is just pure white from age. I really don't know because when I started dying it, I continued from the first white hairs at age 16 until three years ago.( As the brown grew out, the white came in completely white. As you can see from my picture, I have no other color. It's not even salt and pepper—just white. I had said if it came in that yellowish white or some off color I would dye it again, but when it was pure white, I was happy, and my husband likes it too. So bright white is for me. As I said I think of it as age and wisdom.
I'd like to put the picture on my profile instead of Shakespeare, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I tried one day, but it didn't work. The computer and I are still trying to be Volunteer Mayo Mentors and not English teachers. It's a big adjustment.

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Carol, it is a big change, isn't it, to be left all alone with a laptop? When I was teaching, there was always a tech person on hand to bail me out. But that was when computers in schools was being introduced. I don't know if that is still the case or not. I do know that the students know w-a-y more than I can even imagine.

My local library has a hired staff position for technology help for the community. Thety used to have scheduled classes,but that is now changed to individual 'tutoring' by appointment. I am going to meet with a young man on Tuesday for my next help session. (already had one lesson last fall). I have a new list of questins for him, and I will take my laptop with me.
Does your library have such a program available?

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