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@rosemarya Thank you for your kind words. I feel a closeness to the Mentors I've met on Connect too. There just doesn't seem to be any distance, and that is a good thing. It means we are all working together to try to do the best we can for people who need answers or suggestions.
I know I gave you fits when I was first posting and even after about how to act as a VM. I drove John crazy too. I don't think I've ever felt so insecure; it was new for me because before diabetes, I was always in control. I should apologize to you and John and others who tamed this wild horse somewhat. I finally improved my anger, although I still have spells of frustration. When that happens I just close the laptop and do something else.
Do people ever ask you about your white hair? When I was high school, my hair started getting white in places, so I dyed it for decades. It was only three years ago that I decided to see if at my age now if my hair would be white. I stopped dying it and let the brown color grow out. My salon lady would cut, and we just let it grow. When it finally was grown out, she styled it with the bob cut and it has no dye; it's completely natural. I've had people ask me if I dye it white. No. that's what I have—all natural and totally bright white! I've even had strangers ask me if it's dyed. I love it white and wish I had let it grow out much earlier. There are a number of us who have white hair. I just look at it as not being older but being wiser!

Have a good weekend.

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Carol, letting your true hair color shine through matches your personality. I love it. @debbraw has a similar story to share. Have started a special savings to calculate all the $$ spared from coloring your hair?

My hair used to be dark brown, almost black with natural curls.
When I was around 12, a few silver specks began to show on the right front of my hair. We thought it was silver paint because as a summertime project, I helped my brothers paint the silver fence around our yard. When it did not come out, and more began to appear, we learned that I had inherited an autoimmune condition called Vitiligo. My immune system was attacking the color pigment in my skin/hair. So I developed a silver streak. I hated it in grade school, because the boys taunted me with hurtful names. None of the hairdressers would dye it out of concern for the chemicals in one so young.
In high school and college I learned to accept it. It was the style back then.
Somewhere over time it became beautiful silvery salt and pepper. My friends were envious because their grey was dull and not silver white like mine was.
It was during my liver disease it turned completely white.
After my transplant, when I was taking prednisone for @5 years, I began to grow dark hairs again. Now since I'm off prednisone for the last 3 years, amd once again mostly silver white.
Life is interesting!

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