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Lichen sclerosis ant women dealing with this ?

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Hello @mzleah,

Welcome to Connect. Lichen Sclerosus can be so irritating to the skin; here is some detailed information from Mayo Clinic:

@rabbit10, @jmgm, @tropicallady1276, @julievansickle, @katzee, @fernanddia, @kam2005, @jp711, @momij have discussed it in the past, and I hope they return with more information. You can also see their discussion by clicking on this link: http://mayocl.in/2ku2E3z

@mzleah, could you tell us a bit more about your symptoms? Has your doctor prescribed any medication?

@mzleah, @kanaazpereira, I too have this in my girly region. What a pain and im told there's nothing they can do for it but watch it from afar..haha. Doctor gave me Clobetisol (sp) salve and im done with my visit. Im supposed to be a good girl and go in e ery 6 months for a check up but i have so many specialists im supposed to be seeing that i cant afford everything im supposed to be doing. I use the salve when i have a flare up and it takes away the pain and itching. (but not the scars) However, that crap stinks so much to me that i cant stand using it for very long. If you have heard anything new can you let me know?
Aint life grand?
Thanks, Judy

Lichen Sclerosus is now under control after years of doctoring but finally finding Dr. Nyirjesy from Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA who I've been with about four years.

My symptoms were extreme itching and burning constantly everyday. I would come home from work and get in a hot bath hoping it would take away the burning and itching. These symptoms were very bad. I went to many doctors over the years and took many medications-- to no avail. Nothing seemed to work.

I am now using Betamethasone (gel to apply externally), Vagifem (insert vaginally)-- both twice a week. Amitriptyline (10mg daily) which is for depression but it was learned that it helps with Lichen Sclerosus but now I will be weaned off of it since my symptoms are under control.

@tropicallady1276. Thank you, thank you, so much. I will tell my gyno dr.next time i see her.
Again, thank you. Judy

I've been dealing with lichen sclerosis for around 3 years now. I had a lot of white patches, thickening of the skin on my perineum, atrophy (inner labia basically gone), itching, dryness, a lot of pain with intercourse. I started out using clobetasol ointment twice daily for around 6 weeks if I'm remembering correctly, and then slowly tapering down from there. I also use estrace cream vaginally which helps a lot with the dryness and to plump up the skin of my labia. I'm now only using the clobetasol once or twice a week for maintenance. I also use testosterone cream as I had almost no testosterone, and it really affected my sex drive and responsiveness. I'm now able to have intercourse without pain, and the other symptoms are under control quite well but it was a long road, and hard to get our sex life going again after such a long time. We also saw a sex therapist at the women's clinic at Mayo (Jordan Rullo) which was very helpful. Good luck and hang in there - it can get better.

I’m a sufferer. I have vaginal and labial atrophy and a recent biopsy suggests lichen sclerosis. I cannot touch my genital area at all except to apply the Clobetasol Topical and I have to be very gental or the skin will tear. I can only blot with toilet paper to dry after urinating. This has killed any chance of being sexual and I am miserable.

Where do I go for real help?

I have lichen sclerosis. My dr. prescribed cortisone cream and it healed. Some docs don’t know about it and my friend wound up getting cancer.

I was just diagnosed with it

I had a mild case, used clobetisol which helped, but now my doctor suggested Estrace cream, every day, just a bit. and this seems to have really cleared things up.