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@stephenluptak -- I am planning to see if I can find a mask liner myself as the bottom of my nose and upper lip are getting chaffed by the mask during the night. The liners are supposed to protect the bare skin from the mask material and still hold the pressure without being too tight.

Have you tried a mask liner?


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I did try mask liners for a while; for me, they were only negligible assistance

@stephenluptak -- might be dumb question on my part but I was wondering if you tried different brands of mask liners or which one you have tried? I may have the same result but I'm hoping there is something out there that might make it a little more comfortable. Thanks for any suggestions.

John, We were disconnected but you originally mentioned an F20 AirTouch Mask. I used an F20 Mask as I said but it caused awful marks on nose. When I tried to look up these masks again, I saw a reference number 63000 but then saw an F63003. I could not see difference. Can you help me? Thanks, Jane