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@predictable — Great read! It was fun to learn a little more about you. I am also a lefse lover and I'm glad that you didn't have lutefisk in your list ☺ My wife makes it every year around Christmas time for our kids and a few of her co-workers…not all of it leaves the house though.


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John, I share your distaste for lutefisk, which most around her know nothing about. As I remember, it is brine soaked cod, cooked to a range of doneness (Norwegian word) — sometimes nearly raw, ranging all the way to almost crisp. We should keep lefse secret, John; there are so few producers of it, and they are getting fewer every year. I have considered moving to Norway for a variety of reasons, most prominent of which is lifetime supply of lefse! Martin

My wife's mother used to make lutefisk at Christmas and I cringed when the plate was handed to me so that I could quickly pass it on. It looked like white wiggly jello on the plate…almost thought it was still alive. One of my website customers was Tiegen's Store in Oslo, MN which doesn't exist anymore. I bought my wife a Lefse making kit there so that her mom could teach her how to make it. She had the rolling pin but always used the stove and it wasn't quite as easy until I bought her a griddle and some accesories. @hopeful33250 here's what you need to get started:


I think I've got myself worked up now and hungry for lefse. Now I just have to convince my bride that I overheard that one of her lady friends at church was craving lefse. ☺


Gotta admit that this exchange with you, John, has sent me looking for the lefse recipe I got from my late aunt about 20 years ago. I used it to make Christmas lefse at our mountain cabin back then. No packaged mixes for her; she used boiled raw potatoes, milk, and butter to make the dough and rolled it out on a floured cloth to about 18 inches in diameter (which makes four good lefse rolls, enough for breakfast!). Thanks for the link to the Amazon kit. I should have guessed that they'd have one.

Incidentally, your description of lutefisk is a perfect explanation of what my Danish grandmother made (only occasionally, given that lutefisk is a Norwegian, not Danish, "delicacy.)"

My grandma's lefse was a family treasure. We are convinced she didn't give anyone the "official" recipe because no one has been able to replicate it. It seems she took her lefse secrets with her!

@JustinMcClanahan As did my grandmother, only for her it was an amazing apricot pie. Just can't be duplicated but it was sooo good.