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On the subject of stress, how do you respond to a friend or relative who dismisses your concerns, saying something like :”well, it could be worse” and then proceeds to provide numerous examples of “real stress.”

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They’re not dismissing the situation. Three things I’ve learned about cbt are decatastrphising. The situation isn’t as bad as it seems. Disputing expectations. Distraction.

How do you (or anyone) know how bad any given situation may be? A basic law of psychology holds that “perception is reality.”

Take a deep breathe and walk away from those that offer examples of real stress. .. a lot less stressful that way. Stress is stress… how to deal with it is the hard part. I like to walk and during my walks I do my breathing exercises. Walking clears my mind and helps me see thing more clearly. I also crochet and do puzzles. Do things you like to do.. great stress relievers!! I also talk with my husband who is my best friend. I have had talks with our dogs over the years… our pets, no matter if dog, cat or bird seem to like to listen. They are great stress relievers. Of course sometimes they cause a little too. Life would be boring if we did not have ups and downs. Sometimes strangers can be good listeners too. I’ve found that to be here at Mayo Connect.