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With a MELD score of 39 in late December of 2018, I was told I was at the top of the list but was also experiencing kidney failure. My MELD was brought down to 34 and was released from Mayo Florida’s Hospital by the end of January 2019. Strangely I was happy to hear about my place on the list but also was very ill. I was readmitted a week later in very poor condition with a MELD of 44. Later that night my MELD was 47 and was extremely ill with terrible fatigue, chills, and was unable to eat much. Then received the news that a liver was available and I would have a transplant during the night into the next morning. I was not afraid but glad that I had the chance of getting a new liver. Initially I thought it would take about 2 years to possibly get a transplant when my MELD was only a 10. It actually turned out to be 8 months from the diagnosis and 1 month after being listed. Thank you Liver Teams for a chance of a longer life!

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@flagal22 Congratulations on your transplant. I have never heard of such a high MELD score! It’s no wonder that your transplant occurred much sooner than anticipated when you started with a MELD 10.
My transplant happened when my MELD was 28 but it was about to be re-evaluated and I am sure it would have increased at that point. I was pretty miserable when the call came, so like you there was no fear or apprehension, just relief.
The gratitude I have for feeling well is immense. I have been great ever since my transplant. It sounds as if you have also, that’s wonderful.

@flagal22, Thank you for what you have shared. As I read your account of your experience, I could feel myself in your place 10 years ago, except that I needed to have a kidney transplant along with my liver transplant. I hope that you will enjoy many years of a healthy life and I echo your words of gratitude, "Thank you Liver Teams for a chance of a longer life!"