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I find that I'm unable to take baby steps at this point. I cannot get my Doctors to handle my aftercare. They are not scheduling tests that will accurately show tumor growth, they are not refilling meds on time, leaving me to go days without them, which obviously abruptly cuts me off of meds that you are supposed to be weaned off of. Very uncomfortable, just increases the stress and takes several additional days to get pain under control when they finally get around to sending them. I'm beyond frustrated!

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Hi @vsinn2000
I'm so sorry that the transition to aftercare has been rough. I know you made great strides during treatment. This must be terribly frustrating. You mention doctors plural. Is there one doctor who is leading your care team? Can you find one member of your team who will help coordinate with the others?

@vsinn2000 Hello Vicky:

I am so sorry to hear of your current stressors. Pain is a stressor that can really take a toll and I'm sorry that you are not getting more assistance.

Is it possible to make a list of your concerns with your after-care? For example: How can your medical team be of help to you? (Is it their slow response time or something else?) What tests do you feel that you need to accurately show tumor growth? (Have any tests been scheduled?); Is your medical team aware of your pain problems? (The medical profession tends to respond to the 1-10 scale of pain)

I really want you to receive the help you need, Vicky. You made incredible progress over the past year and I don't want you to lose the strides you have made.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.