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@contentandwell – I see his point but does he realize him getting the flu shot helps protect you? I suppose it has worked for you both this far…


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As part of our transplant preparation and discharge instructions, we were told that my husband would need to get a flu shot every year. When he told the transplant nurse, PA, doctor or whoever was meeting with us, that he never had received one in the past, and that he had never gotten the flu – they told him in no uncertain terms “you need to get one now.” He does get one. I do not know what kind of a response he would have received if he had declined. I wonder of all transplant centers are as explicit
about this as Mayo?

I get real skittish this time of year when the flu season is ramping up. And, even with my flu shot, I begin to weigh the benefits vs risks of going places.

@lcamino I don’t understand how it would help me. Having had the shot I presume if he got the flu that I would be resistant to catching it. Is that not correct? Right now he has a cold so he is sleeping in one of the other bedrooms.

@rosemarya I understand your reluctance in going places because of course there are strains that are not in the immunization, but I favor not going to high risk areas or events. I will continue to go to most places though. We each have to do what feels right for us though.

@contentandwell – I’m going by the requirement for our family with my daughter who is on immunosuppressive medications for her arthritis and I’m assuming her meds do not suppress the immune system as much as what a post-transplant patient takes. Of course, everyone needs to get immunizations that are not live (shot vs. mist). I suspect it is because the shot does not guarantee you won’t get the flu and if you are living with someone who does get the flu you probably have a higher chance of contracting it (close quarters, airborne with windows shut etc. ) vs. being near someone briefly in a public place. Is it worth your husband feeling yucky for a few days to reduce your chances of getting the flu? To get an expert answer that is specific to you I’d ask your transplant team how important it is for him to get the flu shot. Good idea to banish him to another bedroom while he has a cold though ; – )


@contentandwell, @rosemarya – What are high risk areas or events? Places with large crowds? Just trying to learn what my new way of life will be like.


@lcamino thanks for the info. I will try to gently broach the subject to him. I think I will first ask my team whether or not that is recommended.

Regarding your question about high risk areas, I believe that would be an area with many people who are in close contact with each other, particularly if it is indoors. I think I just described my daughters wedding reception in December. ☹️

The infrequency of my participation recently is due to some really bad pain from my knee surgery. I know when I had the other knee done I was not in nearly as much pain as I am now, but I am also pushing myself a lot harder this time too. I don’t want this knee to lack flex like the prior knee does, but oweee, do I hurt.

@contentandwell – I think it is wise to speak with your transplant team re the flue vaccine for your husband.

I’m sorry to hear that you are still in a lot of pain from your knee replacement. Are you doing more than your physical therapist recommends? I totally forgot that this was your second replacement – man you have endured some major surgeries! Don’t push yourself so much that you cause too much swelling and slow down your healing. I’m sure it’s a balancing act.


@lcamino it is a balancing act and I typically overdo. So far that has usually worked for me. It actually does seem as if the pain started before I started working so hard. I was told that the more exercise I got before the surgery the better I would be recuperating but I am wondering if muscle takes longer to heal than flab. I am presuming they cut through muscle to get to the knee. I saw my surgeon for a post-op visit this past week and he did confirm that my bruising and swelling is worse than typical.

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