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Why with a WBC that is slowly going up in past 2 years which prompted a bone marrow biopsy that show signs of CLL/SLL, HAIRY CELL LYMPHOMA and Marginal B-cell lynphmoma, Negative PET and CT scans, but enlarged spleen and swollen armpit lymph node and groin lymph nodes on same side of my body, can not come up with a definitive diagnosis in Cleveland. Very tired most of the time with past histoty of 2 melanomas, thyroid cancer and active surveilance for past 3 years with detected cancer, only one core on 3 biopsies.

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Hi @vinny139, welcome to Connect.

First, it sounds like you are battling many symptoms and possible diagnoses, that must be both scary and frustrating. While I cannot diagnose or provide medical advice on Connect, as I am not a provider, I can ask questions and help find other members who may be experiencing similar things to yourself. Without knowing your complete medical history, it would be difficult for a provider to help with a second opinion, however, I encourage you to use this link http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63 to access the request an appointment information. If you call that, the appointment coordinators can provide ample information on all aspects of your care and how you also may be able to have your tests forwarded to Mayo Clinic.

@vinny139, you said you have been on active surveillance for the past 3 years, how have you been feeling in that time? How is your fatigue?