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The year 2017 is now behind us, and a Brand New Year is already underway!

I want to welcome our new members to share their ideas, their “transplant hacks”. What has been working for you? What are some ways that you find helpful to fully live your new life?
Newly transplanted members, What questions do you have as you begin to make healthy adjustments to your lifestyle?
Returning members. Have you learned anything new that you want to share?

Remember that we are all on this together – Let’s help each other:-)

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So happy to read these posts. Can you direct me to a post re after surgery. How much pain, how much time in hospital, when can I drive again, when can I get back to the YMCA. Been a hermit since the flu epidemic and no longer feel strong as I did when excerciseing. Thanks for sharing.

@beach757 Sorry for the delay in responding but I have gotten behind on these posts.
I was in pain in the hospital. I do not remember the pain, but I do remember that one night I had a problem sleeping because of it and a nurse came in and told me to never let that happen, that she could have given me some more pain meds, which she did then.
By time I was released, 6 days after the transplant surgery, I was feeling a lot better and at my first post-transplant visit a week later I was doing great. I think I progressed quicker than many because I had worked on getting in shape to some degree and that helps. It sounds like you are working at that too. I don't remember how long it was before I could drive, definitely not if you are still taking any narcotics.
I belong to a health club where I go for water exercise and regular exercise. I think you basically have to wait until your incision is well healed before doing any exercise. My main focus was the water but I assume they would not want you to do anything strenuous unless you were totally healed either.
Please feel free to ask any questions if you have more specific ones. I would be happy to respond. My transplant was on 09.23.2016 so some of it vague now. I wish very much that I had kept a journal. I intended to but somehow that fell by the wayside.

Thank you. That is the information I was looking for. I want to communicate with a patient. All the articles are too generic. I will keep a journal. Thanks again, hope to write to you soon.

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