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@rosemarya Many great suggestions here. Just a few comments to add to this.

We are doing some traveling in the next few months and I am opting to stay in VRBOs. I balked at first because part of a vacation for me had always been eating out, but then I realized what a benefit it would be to have more control over what I ate.

I just did yoga for the first time on Sunday. It was a bit difficult for me because there was a lot of standing on one foot. I really cannot do that with my compromised knees. I think there is a difference between hatha yoga and vinyasa, and am wondering if vinyasa might work better for me.

My transplant center does not want me to eat at buffets or salad bars at all. They say not just because of the germs floating around but also because sometimes the foods are not kept at optimum temperatures. I did eat at a small private one recently but my transplant center even frowns on that. I made sure I got up there at the front of the line! I have gone to a couple of events hosted by family members and they have arranged to have a plate prepared for me in the kitchen. If you are close to a person they can easily request that.


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@contentandwell – I used to enjoy not cooking on vacation also but once I tried them VRBOs save you so much money (groceries cheaper than restaurants) and if you choose to go out you can splurge because you haven’t been eating out your entire vacation. Plus we went grocery shopping and cooked as a family so it wasn’t as much of a chore but rather a nice family time.

I have done vinyasa yoga and it was doable for me who had been inactive for years and overweight. I don’t know what heath yoga is like and perhaps it was also because I was in a “restorative” class for people with chronic illnesses but I didn’t do much standing on one foot.


@lcamino Thanks Lynn, I do want to try vinyasa but things have been sort of crazy recently so I haven’t even had the time to check out that class schedule. The one I went to was Hatha, and another yoga instructor told that me the leader I had that day does tend to do a lot of the standing on one foot.
I am going to start looking for classes I can do after my TKR, I need to do something, maybe even chair exercises.

Regarding cooking, the other good thing is that my son is a great cook so I know he will do some too. We are thinking about going out there to L.A. for Christmas because he will have just been here for his sister’s wedding celebration. I was kidding that we have to go, if we don’t who will cook our Christmas dinner? He has done a spectacular job the last few years with filet mignons, and rack of lamb. No further description, I don’t want you drooling on your keyboard. 😉

@contentandwell – The yoga place just 5 mins. from me offers chair yoga and restorative yoga. Maybe you can find those options.I have also seen videos for chair yoga but I’m sure your surgeon will have you hooked up with a physical therapist very quickly and they can give you some ideas too. Swimming is probably great post surgery and they do have you up and moving quite quickly after total joint replacements as it helps with healing so I’m sure you will be fine.

@lcamino, I definitely plan to look into this, both at my club and at the local hospital’s center where they have physical fitness classes both for seniors and younger.
The ortho does not recommend a PT, they prescribe one and you choose whom you want that to be. I have had two occasions of having one that came to the house. I really liked the guy the first time so I requested him the second time too. You can only have that as long as you are “housebound”. So, if you go out at all and they find out you have to reimburse Medicare as I understand it, which is incentive to stop the home PT — I do not like being stuck in the house. Then I continue with another PT, also one whom I really like, so I think I will be all set on that but then it is up to the patient to find any other activities in which to engage.

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