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I was overweight and I knew that my recuperation would be better if I lost weight and was in better shape. I was already going to a health club for pool exercises but I stepped that up and did more on my recumbent bike, and got my weight down to a healthier weight. My BMI was still slightly in the overweight range, down from being in the obese range. I have read though that as you get older a little extra weight can be helpful if you get sick so I don't worry about that -- of course the operative word there is "little".

I never had a problem with mobility prior to transplant and I recovered amazingly quickly after transplant. Even my transplant team was impressed. My PCP commented, about 6 weeks prior to transplant, just before things started going downhill, that if he didn't know I was sick, he would think I was perfectly healthy! I had very little physical therapy after transplant.

Let's face it, the motivation of a better recovery is a pretty big one. I am very happy that I did what I did and trying hard to keep the weight off.

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I have time before I'll be on the hot list so I am using it to get in the best shape ever. Now..we all know that it is much more difficult to achieve success with our complications....but it is worth it to know it will make life much easier on the other side...and that you gave it your all!
Anyone who wants to share diet and exercise ideas..please do...be creative.