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My 14yr old son was just diagnosed with fld in October…we did an ultrasound and on the report under indications it says NASH. I am very concerned and have changed his diet drastically! Liver disease runs in my family. My cousin received a liver via living donor last year…however her hemphatic artery was too damaged and she was told she would have to have another transplant…she had another opportunity for another liver but when they got it it was too damaged…finally as her days were numbered and they were calling the family in a young man had an accident and passed and my cousin was given another chance at life! She was 13 when diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes…my son was 14. I am hoping for the best outcome but extremely scared!

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@gsgirl72007, Welcome to Mayo Connect. I understand your concern and I feel your fear. I am a liver and kidney transplant recipient, so my own experience is all that I have to share. However, I want to be able to support you and to locate some useful information for you.

I looked up some information on the National Institute of Health (NIH) and I learned that Pediatric non-alcoholic fatty liver disease(NAFLD) represents the most common cause of chronic liver disease in childhood. I also read that obesity and features of the metabolic syndrome have been closely linked to NAFLD development.
Since you mentioned that liver disease runs in the family, have the doctors said anything about why this is occurring to other members? Is there a possible connection? Has it ever been discussed?

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