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Hi JK. I have cirrhosis and understand it is not reversible. The study is in Canada, the USA and Britain I believe. I am in Central Ontario, Canada. I'll have more information on Nov. 29 when I start the medication. I will keep you apprised of everything as it becomes known to me. All the best.

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Hi, andys. Welcome to Connect. I join JK in my hopes that the liver study that you will participate in will prove to be beneficial for you as well as your fellow participants and the future generation of liver patients. I will be thinking of you when begin your medication in 2 weeks.

I would like to ask you how you are feeling (any symptoms due to the cirrhosis)? I was very sick prior to my transplant as my cirrhosis progressed. But we are all different in how our bodies react to liver disease.

Here is some information about Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease which includes NASH {Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). I don't think we can ever have too much information from reliable sources.
I look forward to your updates – when and if – you have permission to post them.

Hello Andrea, hope you are feeling good. How the study is going?

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