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I am a 57-year old male. At the age of 57 I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease after an abnormal lipid panel. I immediately stopped drinking alcohol and I began eliminating “bad carbs” from my diet. My lipids are still elevated but now I have more energy and my mind is clearer. It is very difficult to eat well when I am not at home, but I think that fast food and regular restaurants will start offering more healthful options as keto, paleo and other low-carb diets become more popular.

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@leehearn, Congratulations on your new healthy lifestyle! I am a liver/kidney transplant recipient, and I also make it my goal to practice healthy eating habits. In today’s growing market of tempting foods, it is not always easy. Your immediate dietary changes are fantastic! And it must be a real boost to continue the effort when you are already experiencing results!
You raise a good question about the choices at restaurants. Already salt and fat are monumental concern with much of the fast food industry. But I do hope that as people continue to be more health conscious that they will respond.
I like to eat at local restaurants rather that chains because they often will make substitutes more readily.
Keep up[ the good effort! I’m cheering for you.

@leehearn It sounds as if you are doing all the right things. Is the fatty liver then still at a point of being reversible? If so how was it caught so early? I wonder because my cirrhosis was caused by fatty liver but I apparently had cirrhosis for about 10 years before it was diagnosed so if that took so long I wonder how fatty liver would be diagnosed — just the lipid panel? When I look at my test results what is the lipid panel referred to as? I am curious to go back and check that out.

Eating out can be very difficult, particularly in less expensive restaurants. The higher priced restaurants prepare to order so they can customize their food better than the family style restaurants. I have now come to realize that when we go away having the ability to do some cooking so I don’t have to eat out all the time, is really the best way for me.

@rosemarya I was just diagnosed with fatty liver disease this week. I eat pretty healthy so was surprised by this diagnosis. I am 61 yo and am a kidney donor for my daughter in November. I have a few tests to get completed next week, Abdomen Ultrasound and Spleen/Liver Scan. There are a few issues that the hepatologist wants to rule out, degree of inflammation. My WOE is primarily Mediterranean. I exercise 5x per week. I do suffer from a bit of nausea and fatigue since June 2018 so we’re trying to eliminate and diagnose. Have you heard of a donor having these issues and might I still be able to move forward with the donation? Just asking as it seems you may have some background knowledge since you are a recipient. Look forward to your response.

@jonilee, I want to welcome you to Mayo Connect. I am sorry to hear about the untimely diagnosis of fatty liver disease that you have just received. I assume that this was discovered during your living donor evaluation. (?)
My background experience tells me nothing that I have to share in answer to your question about your kidney donation. Your tests next week will give your hepatologist more information about what is happening inside of you, and whether or not this could interfere with organ donation. I sincerely hope that everything points to the positive.
What is WOE? If you mean that your diet is primarily Mediterranean, then I congratulate you on the healthy eating and exercising that are important.
I wish that I could offer more information. Please know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Will you tell me what you find out?
jonilee, Where are you and your daughter going thru this process?

@rosemarya, actually it was not discovered during the transplant eval process. I’ve had some nausea since June 2018 and had been debilitating so my internist said to visit a hepatologist. I had a thorough exam, this dr indicated a lump in the liver. So, now onward through the tests I have to get done this week. I had a CT scan of my lungs back in May that indicated fatty liver. The report was given to the transplant team but they never said anything about it. My biggest issue right now is the nausea and fatigue which this dr indicates the liver disease. The hospital we are using for the transplant is Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. I will definitely keep you posted on my results. Oh, by the way, WOE is way of eating. It’s Facebook lingo in the low carb forums.

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