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Postherpetic Neuralgia (Shingles) nerve damage

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<p>Severe scalp/face/eye itching + eye burning from shingles 8 yrs ago. Slight relief with gabapentin & ice packs nightly. Is there anyone who can offer further help?</p>

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The medication Lyrica or Savella may help. Sometimes Cymbalta works too.

Welcome @1977lizzy. I'm also tagging @oranbaughn and @jmney who wrote about managing postherpetic neuralgia a while back.

Thanks for jumping in @sek9853e and welcome. Have you had postherpetic neuralgia?

Definitley sounds like its autoimmune related but I can only suggest from experience as you may want to visit http://www.aarda.org for a complete list of diseaes that are related and Shingles and dry eyes are just a few.

@gailfaith I have had shingles twice in my life and the vaccine. Both times it lasted about 2 -3 weeks and was gone for years. Then I had the vaccine several years ago. Back in July the day before I was to have a kidney store removed under anesthesia, my 3rd round started. I expected it to not be as remarkable as the previous 2 times. No such luck. Yes, the blisters and that initial pain dissipated while I was on Valtrex, but that did a number on my head. My dermatologist Rx for gabapentin a few days later and I took the first dose then looked at the side effects and they were similar to the Valtrex so I never continued at that time with the gabapentin. The blisters healed "on schedule" as did the skin irritation. But several weeks/months (forget which) the post neuralgia started. It was on and off for a while which I treated with Jerkins Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer (!!!!) which helped a lot as did OTC Arnica or Arnicare. Then I could even put my bathing suit on without it bothering my back and side skin. Then is started in with more intensity so several weeks ago I relented ans started with the gabapentin, starting with one a day, then bid, and now tid. I even had a few days irritation free around and over Christmas. The blisters haven't returned. But last night the itching came back with a vengeance. Nothing helped. Usually when I go to bed it quiets down until the next afternoon. But even in bed it was driving me bananas and I finally fell asleep and by morning I was comfortable again until about 3PM. Since it has been bad but not as bad as yesterday. Plan to talk to GP maybe tomorrow and/or the dermatologist that wrote fro the gabapentin but not sure how soon I can get an appt. Anyone been thru this and found any solutions. The gabapenetin has not bothered my head or interfered with my weekly appointments with my physical therapy for Myotonic Dystrophy type 2 where I am working hard to stay out of a wheel chair as long as possible. I thought the vaccine was expected to make reoccurrence milder! Happy New Year ya' all!.