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Should the cysts be looked at sooner

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Thank you - yes will post more after each step. The knowledge shared here is very important. I am not afraid as much as a get it done person. That is why I ask about the timing. In doing so I just realized it was 3.5 months between incidental finding of the spot on the lung to biopsy, PET scans, to surgery. It seemed to fly but truly did not happen overnight. During this process they also found a large mass in my maxillary sinus. Because it was so large and "glowed" such more than the lung they took it out first - about 2 months start to finish. 2 months later started the official lung process. I seem to grow things that really do not belong so the quicker I know that the quicker we can determine action - whatever that might be.

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@tis, Your history of finding masses can certainly make you want to do things as quickly as possible. I certainly get that. I'm also happy that you have found the information on Connect helpful. We are all patients like yourself, who share our experiences.

I wish you the best! We also have a group for members with lung cancer. Merry, @merpreb, is the mentor for that group. She is a lung cancer survivor for 23 years.

@tls- I also welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am getting angry for you, being side-stepped like that by the first doctor. grr. Ok, first I am not a pancreatic patient but as Teresa mentioned a lung cancer survivor. For lumps, bumps, cysts, lesions, and tumors that aren't alarming a wait of 3 months is standard to see if there are any growth changes.

I'm confused as to what is going on now. Are you in a waiting mode? Did you get the results of all of your tests, including MRI and CT's?
What did the doctor mean that nothing looked different to him- from what? Had you had previous tests on all of what was found?