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Should the cysts be looked at sooner

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He was referring to a regular CT with contrast that they did in my hometown ER to the special protocol CT w/contrast at their center about 10 days before. My blood work showed slightly low red blood count, lowered Total Proteins and Anion Gap.

I am aware of Mayo Jacksonville. I grew up with Mayo MN as THE place of experts. Is the Jacksonville team of the same caliber?

Back to the timing, when they first found your IPMNs did they move quick to lock at with MRI or was it a wait? Also, who is the main specialist that oversees your pancreas care: gastro, endro or some other specialty?

Thank you for your input

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@tis Hi Toni,

You asked about the timing of my tests after the CT showed the pancreas cysts. No, they told me I should get an MRI but the sense from the CT scan indicated that it probably wasn't cancer, so I waited a while before scheduling the MRI. I then had the EUS and again it was confirmed that it was most likely nothing to be overly concerned about. I've known about these cysts for a long time now and as there has been little to no change in the cysts, I believe that in my case, they are not something to be over-concerned about. I have not had the severe symptoms that you have experienced either.

I am glad that you are familiar with Mayo Clinic. While I have not been to Mayo Clinic in Florida myself, from all I've heard from others, the Florida Mayo Clinic is highly regarded. If you call to make an appointment you will explain your problem and they will set you up with a physician who can best treat that kind of problem. Here is information regarding scheduling an appointment, https://www.mayoclinic.org/appointments?mc_id=us&utm_source=connect&utm_medium=l&utm_content=disc.

Keep in touch, Toni. Will you post again?