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Should the cysts be looked at sooner

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Yes. I have had extreme pain. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t sleep. Major fluid build up in abdomen I find all odd. I am not at Mayo but thinking I need to move there

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I am a former lung cancer patient. 5 year mark after lobectomy all good there except fluid showing in lower left lung area-. There was an incidental finding of a adenoma on my left adrenal gland. I also have thyroid autoimmune issue. I referred to a well known cancer hospital in Tampa Florida (the state I live in.) I am also having extreme swings in moods, voice, bowel habits, most body functions including major bloating in abdomen When they did the CT of my adrenals they reported this finding regarding my pancreas on paper but have yet to mention at all too me. I had/have a large lump on my left upper shoulder/neck (biopsy benign) Before CT results the GU surgeon had already referred me to Endro. I do not see her until the 12th. The pain on my upper front, side was severe enough for ER. They only said to get back to the cancer hospital in no more than 2 days. I did and the response from him was nothing looks different to me. My experience in another state in another well known facility was so different. I question the timing of all of this and also response received. If this is normal timing/response I just need to know so I will have patience else I need to push forward. BTW – I did contact Endro but since I had never had a first patient appt. with her they could not say or do anything. There was no opening early to see any of them. I have a follow up with the GU on the 5th, He mentioned gastro for upper GI review but no referral yet even after follow up question. Is this normal, if not what should I push for or move on? Much thanks.