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First Endocrinologist Visit Today

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@lioness, Thank you for your good wishes and reassurance.

I'd had my Dexa scan in Aug before being told that after 5 yrs of being on Reclast, I needed to take a yr vacation from the infusion. Hadn't known before about that and was caught off guard and left feeling very vulnerable after being on bone meds so long.

The visit did go well. The endo was engaging, took time to answer my questions and responded to my concerns. Unfortunately, she said studies of additional supplements, which I was hoping for, had not shown any bone improvement. That was a big disappointment because much is being written about adding things like magnesiium, vit k, etc to what I already take: Vit D3, calcium, and fish oil.

She wants to schedule a Cortisol study in a couple of months before making any changes to what I am doing. She told me to stop for two months the prescribed appetite enhancer, which I'd just received on Sat! yuck! along with two of the COPD meds because they contain steroids. Now I need to read more about Cotisol and what she thinks that lab work may reveal.

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@fiesty76 Osteoporosis is such a miserable diagnosis, there's so little we can really do about it. I am doing Tymlos now, hopefully that will help a bit.

Why were you taking an appetite enhancer? That is definitely something I do not need. I need to lose weight but trying to get a lot of protein into my diet, along with calcium makes that very difficult. If you stop the COPD meds is there something else you need to do to help with that? Steroids of course are a problem for your bones, my endocrinologist feels that taking prednisone is what has caused the most damage in my bones.

@fiesty76 That surprising me about it instead for the bones I'm going to ask my Dr about this I would be worried too 😕 If anything I don't need a appetite enhancer far from it if I could Id send some adipose fat to lol