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Does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

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I live in MN. I see Mayo doctors every 3 months in their pain center. I am currently taking Hydrocodone every 6 hours and Pregabalin 3 times a day for chronic pain. I also get 3 nerve blocks every 3 months.

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I find that it hardly has any taste and no smell. The taste that it does have is slightly sweet, and of course the texture is oily. I have only smelt marijuana smoke once, and I find smoke of all kinds offensive, but CBD oil is not like that. It is very mild. and since one takes so little, one hardly tastes it at all.

Good evening @bonnieh218. Since you live in Minnesota and are a Mayo patient, you can follow the guidelines for cannabis use at this link.
Your Mayo clinician can verify that you have a condition that qualifies you for medical cannabis. After you have registered and paid the fee, you can be scheduled for an appointment with the pharmacy specialist. There are 3 options in Minnesota, capsules, topicals, and tinctures. Once you have made a starting decision you can begin treatment. And then you will have support from the staff at the dispensary while a patient.

It might be interesting to know that Minnesota has received awards for the research and development undertaken here. And it might also be good to know that Bachman's has done the development and owns the Leaflne dispensaries.

Good luck. Don't forget to check in with us so others can benefit from your experience.


My pain doctor has only given me 5 mg oxycodone a total of 45 pills for a month. Ever since I had COVID-19 it feels like the oxycodone not only lasts under 5 hrs, also seems inconsistent from pill to pill out of same bottle. Have goggled and many people are also complaining giving oxycodone 1 out of 5 stars.. for pain and they are taking 20-30mg every 6 hours. I tried the CBD/THC gummies but I didn't think they worked at all for me 20 mg and my reaction to them gave me worse pain, but they can work to sleep if pain levels are low.

I envy you because I have serious pain that has escalated to a life threatening level bc it is uncontrolled bc I am allergic to opioids medications. They make me itch badly. And the Caine numbing agents used in injecting (blocks) cause awful longtime painful nerve damage. I would have had an Occipital Radiofrequency procedure done this summer if I didn’t have nerve damage all around that area. And it is a very painful procedure for a mo afterward. Insurance or Medicare won’t pay unless the person had a diagnostic lidocaine injection twice in the neck and if it relieves pain insurance or Medicare will pay.

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