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Medical Marijuana for chronic pain

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I am reading a lot about CBD oil … what does it taste like? I can’t stand the smell of marijuana so if the CBD oil has the same taste/smell I know I will gag on it!

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Hi there @rashida, There are different flavors for tinctures,,,,,,tangerine is one I have now. There is also lemon and orange and some without added taste, And then there are some yucky ones. You only hold it under your tongue for a minute or so. Give one a try,

May you be safe and protected,

I use CBD oil or capsules of oil. The capsules you don’t taste at all. The oil I buy is chocolate mint flavored I put it under my tongue it’s not bad. Plain is harder, but you just have to try it.

I use 25 mg once or twice a day. It helps if I get headaches in the middle of the night which I often do and I have no meds left to take that day and have an empty stomach. Usually let’s me get back to sleep for a while.

I buy mine from Charlottes Web online. It’s cheaper (not really cheap, but relatively speaking) there than buying it at a health food store and it’s very pure good quality CBD. When you buy online they send you specials to get 20-30% off, so I buy a few then.

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