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Medical Marijuana for chronic pain

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I have been using CBD oil for nearly a year now. It has not eliminated my arthritic discomfort, but it has certainly helped. My physician advised me to mix 6.5 parts Voltaron with 1 part CBD oil to use as a topical wherever I have chronic pain. Then I also take a teeny spoonful orally twice a day at meal times. I have noticed not negative side-effects.

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@joycemarie Interesting combining the CBD oil and Voltaren. .Hello, joycemarie. I've just read your message and think I'll try that tonight. I use Voltaren when I need additional help with chronic or flare and it does help, but this will improve the relief I think. I use tincture 1:1 and am adding a bit more THC next order since the pain is worse now. I have THC spray I add at night or daytime when I'm worse, a little iddy bit. Being so careful not to overdo the THC since don't want any additional effects.

But, MMJ helps me sooooo much and I'm off all pain meds, but Cymbalta for anxiety and fibro pain, and Robaxin muscle relaxant for cramping/leg and back issues. I use Voltarin on lumbar and will add some THC. Have topical lotion for pain but it's pretty pricey.
Thanks for your input…..blessings, elizabeth

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