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Unmanaged Pain

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@annie2 i want you to know that I hear your frustration, confusion and pain. You have been on this road for 2 years and are now at an 8-9 pain level that makes your life miserable. None of us are doctors on here on Connect, but we are patients who have been in your shoes. One of the most frustrating things about being a pain patient for me is that what works for one patient often doesn’t work for another. So treating difficult cases is often trial and error.

I’ve had pain at that level off and on for 5 years due to spinal issues and undergone 5 neck surgeries in that time. So I can identify with your frustration. I’m glad they are doing an MRI Monday, and your doctor is trying injections to see if that helps with pain – a good sign that they are hearing you and taking your pain seriously. You mentioned concern with Tylenol 3 and if it will mess with your stomach. I would voice that concern to your doctor. Be honest and ask all the questions you can think of. In fact, I would write down all my questions and bring them with you to your appointments. Hopefully, other Gerd patients will have some suggestions as well. I too had wondered about CBD/THC as an option for you.

Is your pain continuous or does it come and go primarily with your gerd symptoms? Also, have you experienced any pain reduction at all with the injections?

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Continual pain with severe anxiety for 4 months now. No relief from injections. Was given an option between Tyl 3 and Percocet and told that there really isn't much else they can do for the GERD. I will try and take it with food and see what happens.

So, I had my MRI while I was in terrible pain. Thought that something might show up. No, everything came back normal. Grateful for that but still back to square one. Doctors still feel it is anxiety / gerd symptoms. Maybe, but pain seems too intense even for severe gerd. Have an appt. with Gastro on the twelfth. Starting to lose hope for a diagnosis. Saying a prayer for us all for health and healing.

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