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Unmanaged Pain

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Oct 4, 2022 | Replies (44)

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@annie2 Two years is a long time to still not have pain relief.

It looks like you already have member responses but I also added your discussion to the Digestive Health group. I did this so you could connect with even more members.

You said that your symptoms started out as unresponsive GERD. May I ask what kinds of tests you had done to confirm it was GERD and your provider's thoughts on why it was unresponsive?

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I've had a number of scopes over the years but last year is when the pain became unbearable. Two more scopes with biopsy as well as tests that looked at the entire abdomen. Showing some small problems and one that was worrisome. Intestinal metaplasia that needs to be monitored every two years. Was put on PPI's that did not help along with medication that coats the throat. None of which helped the pain. Was passed off to another Gastro and was told the pain was too intense, (even for severe Gerd) and it must be something rare.Possibly nerve pain. He prescribed 100 mg of Gabapentin and sent me on my way.. Went to Neurologist who also ran tests and concluded, (due to location and test results), that it was not nerve pain..Referred to med mgt who prescribed 3 different anti-depressants as well as the one I was already on. Helped with anxiety but not with pain. Killed my stomach. Am trying to come off all of these now. Did look at the digestive health group but not many posts there. Sorry this is so lengthy. Thank you for your interest.