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Unmanaged Pain

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Oct 4, 2022 | Replies (44)

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Hi Annie @annie2 Thanks for reaching out. Pain levels at 8 or 9 are truly terrible. I’m really sorry you are suffering in this manner. It sounds like you are meeting with a pain management doctor? Do they have any other suggestions? Do they know the specific source of pain at this time? Has there been any imaging or follow up to determine why pain level is so high?

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I am seeing a pain mgt doctor. I am being given antidepressants, (nortriptyline) and Remeron, Celexa that I have been on for quite a while. Pain is severe in my throat. Have an mri on Monday. He has given me two sets of injections, one pinpoint and the other stellate ganglion four days ago. Now he is prescribing tylenol 3 which can also kill my stomach as I have non-responsive Gerd as well. .I am not familiar with many of the other drugs that are available. Everything seems to interact with the nortriptyline. I guess I need to get myself off it. So new to this chronic pain thing that I feel totally lost. Appreciate any help. Praying we all can be pain free one day.