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Diabetes Diagnosis, In Shock

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Thanks for this empathy and support! I know I can do it but, like you, once I hit 60 I could not believe so many health issues would come my way. My parents lived in good health until nearly 90, so I think of 60ish as still young. My doctor is fully supportive of my newly adopted eating plan: mostly plants, seeds, nuts sometimes chicken or fish, olive oil. She's also very supportive of my weight loss surgery plans – that program takes a while so if I can have my surgery I by the end of summer I'll be thrilled. And who knows how much I'll lose in the meantime? 🙂 As if this isn't enough I have ankylosing spondylitis so exercise has been challenging; I'm starting PT in April. And will increase my moving from there!

Thanks again for your kind post!

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Hi, @babette It's nice to "see" you again, although I am sorry for the circumstances that now bring you back to Connect.

I was diagnosed with diabetes back around 2009 I think. I lost a lot of weight and have almost maintained that (I have some extra pandemic pounds right now that I'm trying to lose) and now my A1c ranges from 4.6 – 5.5! Weight loss makes a huge difference. I try to keep my carbs somewhat low but I do not skip them entirely anymore.

I was not familiar with ankylosing spondylitis so I just googled it. I am sure it does make exercise more difficult but hopefully, the physical therapist you use will be able to give you some exercises that you can do successfully. I do cardio exercises daily and do some form of weights at least every other day. Cardio is important to me because everyone in my family has died from heart problems, plus it burns more calories. If there are any of those that you can do that would probably help with weight loss and your A1c but of course, check with the physical therapist.

I hope you will let us know how things are progressing.