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Diabetes Diagnosis, In Shock

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Three carbs per meal at 15 grams per serving, more or less, is a good goal. You count milk as a carb in some plans. AIt gets better. nice big bun is two servings, usually. Read the labels. In the beginning, if you are still hungry, by all means eat something but not carbs. Try nuts or cheese in small amounts. Yeah, I know, it is fattening, but at least you aren't suffering and complaining.

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Dorisena, perhaps your math is slightly off on your last reply.

Babette: Yes, as previously mentioned, 45 grams of total carbs per meal is a good way to plan. Learn to read the carbs on labels, or use one of the many sites on the web that tell how many carbs are in the things you eat.

Too little carbs mean not enough energy, and sets other body issues in motion to try to raise its own blood sugar. Too many carbs means higher blood sugar readings.

On labels, read the number of servings per pack, as that is one way that food companies try to hide the actual amount. For instance, a frozen food entree should contain one meal for you of a net amount of 45 carbs (total carbs in package minus fiber).

By the way, I eat a lot of meat because I have other conditions that require lots of protein. You have to find what works for you and satisfies your dietary needs and your own wants.

Make certain you stay active in exercising, etc as that will make a huge part in helping you manage things.

Additionally one item to look at in the future is glycemic loads, and glycemic indexes. I wish you all the best in your new lifelong journey.