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Diabetes Diagnosis, In Shock

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@babette – Welcome to Mayo Connect! I know you are in shock- I was there too. After 60 it seemed as if the warranty on my body ran out! I had also tried to live a healthy, active life. Genetics play a large role. I realized that I had inherited many of my father’s health problems, diabetes one of them.
After spending 10 years dealing with autoimmune and other issues I was well enough to deal with the diabetes. I knew I had to lose weight. My daughter had lost a lot of weight doing a low carb, high protein diet. I joined a program locally. It was very tough the first 2 weeks. I craved my carbs so bad! It got much easier and the pounds disappeared. I was never hungry. I ate a fairly similar diet as I did before minus all my beloved carbs! 45 lbs in a few months. My blood sugar was much lower and steady so I could go off my diabetes medicine and continue controlling it through my diet. You measure your fasting blood sugar- after you wake up. Keep a record.
There are many ways to eat to reach the same result- I was happy to like my diet since it did not vary much from my regular diet.
What does your doctor say?
My doctor told me that nowadays diabetes is considered a cardiovascular illness..that scared me.
The local hospitals usually have diabetes educators- check it out.
Moderate physical activity is important too.
Don’t wait! You can do it!

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That's what I need help with a diet plan

I often was annoyed at well meaning people telling me what I could eat, as though I was too uneducated to figure it out. I learned to hate the idea of angel food cake and would rather not have any cake at all than that gummy stuff. The only gummy food I like is no-cal Jello, sometimes with no fat cream cheese on top. I eat it for the flavor and I also have a cheese cake recipe with Truvia or Stevia in it. But I need crunchiness to be happy. Romaine lettuce has more flavor and more nutrition than any other lettuce. It needs to be dark green to be healthy for you. I am not giving up yummy food. I just don't have room for dessert after I have eaten all those veggies and some protein. Milk fills in the holes quit well and satisfies my hunger. And it metabolizes slowly so you last longer without eating. I repeat, I am not sacrificing or doing without. I continue to explore new foods I have never tried, skipping the sushi, however. Dorisena

Thanks for this empathy and support! I know I can do it but, like you, once I hit 60 I could not believe so many health issues would come my way. My parents lived in good health until nearly 90, so I think of 60ish as still young. My doctor is fully supportive of my newly adopted eating plan: mostly plants, seeds, nuts sometimes chicken or fish, olive oil. She's also very supportive of my weight loss surgery plans – that program takes a while so if I can have my surgery I by the end of summer I'll be thrilled. And who knows how much I'll lose in the meantime? 🙂 As if this isn't enough I have ankylosing spondylitis so exercise has been challenging; I'm starting PT in April. And will increase my moving from there!

Thanks again for your kind post!