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Anxiety and horrible panic attacks

Hi! I have never ever been on this website before.I have chronic anxiety and Panic Attacks.Im on medicine but it is not working has anyone tried for disability for this?Thank you. I have had it for over 10 yrs.My life is so so

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HELLO @annie0188,,,, Sorry to hear about your problems, I also have anxiety and depression and other illnesses, its horrible isn't it/. I am a guest on this site from Canada but am sure won't be long before you hear from those who know about this. Take care, J

Hi annieb@0188. I have suffered from depression for about 25 years and severe anxiety for 10 years. I am now classified as refractory major depressive disorder (MDD) as every antidepressant and anti-anxiety drug has been tested on me, some with horrific results. Several suicide attempts. My anxiety became so bad about 4 years ago now that I had panic attacks from about 6 am until noon every day and could not leave the couch, rarely showering. I was approved for Disability but I had tried everything and spent major dollars on trying to get better. I went to Intensive Outpatient Programs lasting 1-2 months each time for 3 years focusing on cognitive behavioral therapy. It did not help. Several different psychiatrists and therapists. I finally found a naturopath doctor who took a chance on me and prescribed benzodiazepines. After 1.5 years I was able to start breathing exercises and at least leave the couch. 3 years in I could walk the dog. Now I can drive to appointments again but still am not able to shop or socialize much, in part also because of my sciatica, which my doctor is now having me see surgeons to fix. At the almost 4 year mark now, I rarely need a benzodiazepine and have titrated off of my antidepressant that caused a 30 lb weight gain. It is hard work, breathing exercises every morning and myofascial therapy has helped a lot with that. I also now have a new psychologist and I am making progress weekly. Finding the right doctor is key and a lot of work. I’m here for you and support you. Jen

@annieb0188 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

10 years is a long time to have chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

You'll notice that I moved your question to another discussion started today on the same subject. I did so you could meet with @shyviolet8 @bustrbrwn22 @lacy2 in a central location.

Regarding disability, I do know that it can be hard to get disability but hopefully members will chime in to help offer suggestions and support.

You said that you were on anxiety medication. The research shows that anti-anxiety therapy is needed in conjunction with medication. Unfortunately the medication only goes so far and therapy can be hard work, but with a big payoff.

May I ask if you are or have utilized therapy and/or meditation?