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Resubmitting an Appointment Request

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Hi - many thanks for the quick reply! I am in Kansas City.My PCP and specialists that I've seen are here. For Mayo, I followed the process on "Request an Appointment," which indicated that you could simply request one and that a physician referral wasn't required. This was confirmed when the appointment people called me back. We talked though where the request should go, and because I don't have a firm diagnosis, settled on Internal Medicine. They sent an online questionnaire from consultative medicine, which I filled out and submitted back on line.
The referral isn't an obstacle - I think my PCP would do it if I asked although it may take a bit more time to put together. I do have another appointment in about 10 days and will ask.I Appreciate any help or experiences of others in the group. Many thanks again.

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Hi @dgn15905, you ask a great question. It looks like you did everything right.

General Internal Medicine ​is a busy department. Keep in mind that they may be at capacity at one campus (AZ, FL or MN) but not at another. Be sure to inquire. Regardless of which campus you are treated at, you will benefit from cross-campus, cross-specialty expertise. The multi-specialty, integrated, collaborative team approach is practised by all departments at Mayo Clinic, not just Internal Medicine. For example, if your systemic condition is related to the endocrine system, your intake may be through the Endocrinology department and your care would be "quarter-backed" through that department should you need to be seen by other specialty areas.

It can sometimes be helpful to get a physician referral as your doctor may be able to suggest a different department as a starting point.

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