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Resubmitting an Appointment Request

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@dgn15905 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

I am unable to directly answer your question. I'm not sure where you live or what your situation. I've not heard of someone referring themselves exactly but I also haven't worked in that capacity at Mayo Clinic. I think it is most common for someone to receive a referral from their provider. Did you send medical records with the referral? Is there a reason your PCP wouldn't give you a referral? If a referral is an obstacle, you could potentially establish with a PCP at Mayo.

Did I answer your question? I will certainly look up and give what information I can. I will be using the Mayo Clinic website that is available to everyone on the internet.

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Hi - many thanks for the quick reply! I am in Kansas City.My PCP and specialists that I've seen are here. For Mayo, I followed the process on "Request an Appointment," which indicated that you could simply request one and that a physician referral wasn't required. This was confirmed when the appointment people called me back. We talked though where the request should go, and because I don't have a firm diagnosis, settled on Internal Medicine. They sent an online questionnaire from consultative medicine, which I filled out and submitted back on line.
The referral isn't an obstacle - I think my PCP would do it if I asked although it may take a bit more time to put together. I do have another appointment in about 10 days and will ask.I Appreciate any help or experiences of others in the group. Many thanks again.