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I just joined the group. I was in great health, running 3-6 miles daily for 50 years. In 2009, my bloodwork showed my Cholesterol in the low 200's. I was put on statins at that time and stayed on them till a year ago when I was told by a neuropathy clinic since my Cholesterol was in the 170's to quit taking them because they were destroying my nerves in my legs. I mentioned to my PCP the end of 2011 that my feet were beginning to feel numb but he had no response. I went to a stem cell seminar that sounded convincing but I have reservations about spending good money after claims that they will heal my neuropathy. I have very little balance and don't have any feelings from the hips down. Has anyone tried stem cell therapy or anything else that has helped?? Thanks.

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Good evening @texasflyboy. Welcome to Connect. You know, we are a pretty cohesive group of patients, caregivers, and providers. We want to make sure that we respond to members from our own experience. We are not medically licensed to diagnose or prescribe treatments/medications. It sounds to me that you are in need of some help. You mention numbness as a symptom but not pain. What is your current status regarding neuropathy? Have you been tested for SFN, small fiber neuropathy, with a skin patch biopsy? Do you currently or have you been seen by a neurologist?

I think we need to know more about you and your symptoms before we can be of reasonable assistance. In 2019, I attended a presentation about the status of stem cell therapy as an efficacious solution for neuropathy. The bottom line at that time was as I expected. There is research being done but finding encouragement may need to wait a few years. There are also three companies doing research on speeding up nerve regeneration. And so….we wait. And we learn to tolerate certain levels of pain and use what is
available to help us.

Please tell me more about your current status and I will see what might be possible at this time. Just so you know, I have idiopathic small fiber neuropathy. I think mine was caused by way too many falls and accidents that resulted in more than 10 orthopedic surgeries. Our bodies are filled with fascia that connects tissue with bones. Even our ligaments are composed of the fascia. Fascia covers all of the components in our bodies. Frequently it and its restrictions become the source of pain.

Let's see how we can help.

May you be safe and protected from both inner and outer harm.

Loma Linda Medical University neuropathy Clinic has a program that you can check into for a free consultation a video consultation with an MD