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Gabapentin and Cymbalta

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I take 300 mg of Gabapentin in the morning & 300 mg at bedtime. I don't know why I have Neuropathy except that I had abdominal surgery at the Mayo Clinic in 2018 for adhesion's & my adhesion's were so bad knotted & twisted & the dr. punctured a small tear in the small bowel but I am ok now but ever since the surgery, I have had the problems with the Neuropathy. Six months later I developed this & they started the Gabapentin at a lower dose but I have slowly increased it. The Cymbalta is to relieve the pain. I take 60 mg. I do think that helps me to function. The dr. says it makes the brain tell you that your feeling ok. I tried the 90mb but it made me too hyper. The 60 mg is good for me bc I can at least clean the house & take care of myself. I am always in pain though to a degree of 4-5levels but I keep my mind active & do chores to keep me busy. I do have bad days where I just want to lay in bed .Best of luck y to you.

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I wrote in another neuropathy group yesterday about my surgery mistake damaged my intercostal nerves. That resulted in a flank bulge, which I had never known I had a FLANK and it’s now called pseudo hernia. Once the intercostal nerve is damaged, a recent study indicates there’s a domino effect to other nerves resulting in neuropathy pain and in my case ET, essential tremors. It was 6-8 months after the surgery that both those issues appeared. Of course, the neurologist prescribed gabapentin. I had been prescribed that drug previously and have it on my Allergy List. I use lidocaine topically and have Tramadol for other pain in the pseudo hernia.
The neurologist wanted me to use gabapenatal/Lyrica. No. My friend says she feels like a zombie. I had anxiety and confusion and trembling. No!

Bless your heart how is your sleep does it help you to be able to sleep at night