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Gabapentin and Cymbalta

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@jeanniem Hello, Jeanniem. If I may ask, why are you taking Gabapentin and why add Cymbalta? I've taken both. I took Gabapentin for nerve pain, neuropathy, and other pain. Cymbalta I've been taking for years for firbromyalgia pain, and it helps with all my pain basically……perhaps because it truly helps wfibromyalgia. But, it's a miracle drug for me. Because Cymbalta helps so w/reduction of amount of overall body pain, I've been able to reduce and eliminate the gabapentin, lyrica, oxycodone, 800mg ibuprophen, lamictal…..added Requip for dopamine and am working on completing the 'cocktail' with MJ, THC./CBD at night for pain, sleep, anxiety and daytime for pain, anxiety. I'm thrilled with the progress, even tho I'm not there yet.

I take the max dose of Chymbalta, 120mg daily and don't think I could survive w/o it.

Good luck with these decisions. May they lead you to less pain and better life~ Blessings, elizabeth

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Hi Elizabeth @ess77. I was reading your post and would like to inquire. You seems to have had some success on Cymbalta. I presently am taking Gabapentin 300mg 3x daily. I attempt to increase but the side effects are not great and my neurologist feels that I am needing to change meds to see if I can increase to a higher dosage that brings some relief. I have wide spread small fiber neuropathy – still going through testing to determine if there is a cause. Today I was offered Lyrica and Cymbalta. I went with the Lyrica because my lower does cause no side effects which seemed to be the lesser of the two. My biggest fear on either is gain weight. I worked hard to take off weights about 8 years ago and don't want to gain. I have been healthy and highly activity until Nov 2020. Major life change with acute now chronic burning, numbing pain everywhere. Could you please share your experience with Lyrica and how Cymbalta is better for you. I have yet to get the new RX for the Lyrica but I am hesitate going on it. Thank you! Kelsey

My neuropathy commenced in the mid-1990-s and I've tried many things, including for many years a daily dose of Lyrica or pregabalin, I am presently 6 or 7 weeks into 'increasing' the dose 25mg every 3 weeks or so. THIS IS WORKING! Prior to an increase night-time nerve-related discomfort in my feet will have increased noticeably, and reduced noticeably after the increase in dosage. I am now at 200mg twice a day.

Hi. I am currently taking 600 mg of gabapentin 3x daily. It helps but not much. Although I can tell if I miss a dose. My neurologist just prescribed 30mg of cymbalta 1 x daily for 2 weeks then 2x daily along with gabapentin. I don’t know when to take cymbalta as I am very sensitive to medication. I heard it was good or better than gabapentin for nerve pain.