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Advice | Trigger Finger Symptoms

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Hello @dmunsie and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. From what you've shared, you are looking to connect with members who have experience with Trigger Finger. Members such as @oldkarl @hrmills1 have both recently mentioned Trigger Finger in another conversation and my be able to provide some information to you.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this resource.
-Trigger Finger: Symptoms & Causes
I would pay special attention to the bottom of the page where it talks about when to seek immediate medical care:

Seek immediate medical care if your finger joint is hot and inflamed, as these signs may indicate an infection.

If you have any stiffness, catching, numbness or pain in a finger joint, or if you can't straighten or bend a finger, make an appointment with your doctor.

Do any of those apply?

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Thank you for the reply, I will more than likely seek out a doctor, but I am trying to self heal at home due to everything I've read said this can be self healed through various techniques. As I said earlier, the puzzling thing is, it goes away with use and flairs up when not doing anything. Which seems to be the opposite of typical trigger finger. I simply don't know if I should continue on this path of just doing exercises, warm water, stretching, ball squeezing, soft tissue massage (for blood flow) etc OR simply put the finger in a splint and 100% stop using it for a while and see what happens. But again…every time I stop using it or splint it for a while, that's when it gets stiff and starts catching. I can use the finger for hours on end with ZERO pain, zero catching, etc, but as soon as I stop using it…stiffness sets in. Absolutely the area is not hot, red, etc. Thanks again for any comments.